Avoir le backspace sur un clavier mac dans un term Linux

Quelques lignes simples pour obtenir le backspace dans un Term MacOs 🙂


  1. Log in to the affected Linux box.
  2. echo $TERM to confirm the terminfo setting. (Mac OS X Terminal should be using xterm-color.)
  3. infocmp >xterm-color
  4. Edit xterm-color, find kbs and make sure it reads kbs=\177, and find kdch1 and make sure it reads kdch1=\E[3~. Save.
  5. mkdir -p ~/.terminfo/x
  6. Temporarily set the TERMINFO environment variable to /.terminfo
  7. Test-compile the new terminfo file: tic xterm-color If successful, ~/.terminfo/x/xterm-color will be the compiled terminfo file.
  8. unset TERMINFO
  9. If desired, back up the original compiled terminfo file. Look for it as /etc/terminfo/x/xterm-color or /usr/lib/terminfo/x/xterm-color.
  10. Run tic xterm-color again as root (using su or sudo) to compile and install the new version in the official location.